Long Life Heatsinks

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SySTIUM® Technologies is a supplier of long life microprocessor heatsinks for a variety of applications.

Many OEM's design products based on the embedded versions of microprocessors to ensure that their products can be manufactured over a longer period of time that usually exceeds the life expectancy of typical PC's.  The embedded versions of these microprocessors are available as "Boxed" or "Tray" product.  The "Boxed" vetsion includes an Intel® supplied heatsink, but the "Boxed" versions are typically EOL'ed before the "Tray" version.  Many OEM's are forced to find a replacement heatsink after the "Boxed" microprocessor solutions are EOL'ed.  By designing in a "Tray" processor and a SySTIUM® heatsink the OEM and integrator can be confident that the heatsink availability will match the long-life embedded processor's availability.

Our newest long life heat sink is the 10612-25.  This heatsink is a low profile unit that works with 775 pin sockets and the newer 1155/1156 pin sockets.

Heatsink 1156

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