EMC/EMI Expertise

SySTIUM® can help you ensure that your product will pass FCC and CE emission regulations.

Since our founding in 1997, SySTIUM® has gained a wealth of lab based EMC/EMI experience certifying a wide variety of technology products for ourselves and our customers. 

Here are some examples of our capabilities:

Proper Enclosure Design & Fabrication 

Since 1997 SySTIUM® has tested numerous computer platforms and technology devices in a "lab environment" for the ever evolving requirements of FCC Certification and CE Certification.   This lab based testing experience has enabled SySTIUM® to constantly improve our design methodologies and fabrication techniques.  These methodologies and techniques will ensure that our computer platform and technology enclosure solutions will enable your products to pass FCC and CE certification.

EMI Fabric over Foam Gaskets Solutions

SySTIUM® can design and fabricate EMI fabric over foam gaskets for a wide variety of applications.  These solutions include custom die cut gaskets for motherboard I/O shields and fabric over foam gasket kits for specific customer and enclosure requirements.

Aperture Shielding

SySTIUM® has designed and delivered a variety sheilding solutions for customers that have had requirements for large apertures (visual openings) in their products.

Tempest Class Monitors

Systium® has produced a variety of "Tempest Class" LCD monitors that have been used in a variety of applications.