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The EE-216 predesigned Express Enclosure™  is designed to accomodate uATX or smaller form factor motherboards. Power is provided by a SFX/PLA form factor power supply. The EE-216  can accomodate a variety of disk drive solutions.

The EE-216 base design can be quickly modified to accomodate a wide variety of customer branding modifications, customer mounting requirements and customer specific switch/indicator/port modifications.  Please see the EE-216 Gallery for examples of customer EE-216 derivatives.

As with all SySTIUM® Express Enclosure™ solutions, the EE-216 is designed and fabricated in the USA and it can be quickly modified to fit your application requirements. The EE-216 Express Enclosure™ can be the basis of a very flexible and a very long life computer product.


  • “C” Product Warranty
  • The “C” Product Warranty covers the SySTIUM® Express Enclosure™ and any standard SySTIUM® Accessories & Building Blocks used in the SySTIUM® Express Enclosure™ solution. Integrator/customer specific components/peripherals and  integrator/customer supplied components/peripherals used with a SySTIUM® Express Enclosure™ solution are not covered by the SySTIUM® warranty and are the responsibility of the integrator or customer.