All-in-One & Panel Mount - Express Enclosure™

  • The EE-1X2A Express Enclosure™ is a family of industrial grade All-In-One platforms that are targeted for use by Equipment OEMs.  The EE-1X2A All-In-One enlosures are designed to accomodate a wide variety of LCD displays, touch panels, and small form factor motherboards (mini-ITX or smaller).  The EE-1X2A family also supports a wide variety of human interface options (

  • The EE-201 Express Enclosureis an industrial all-in-one computer platform,....

  • The EE-260 Express Enclosure™ is a panel mount computer enclosure designed to accomodate Flex-ATX or smaller motherboard form factors. The computer enclosure and the display enclosure are designed as separate interchangible modules.   This panel mount design enables a wide variety of customer modification including display sizes, display aspect ratios, various touch sc

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