Signage & Kiosk - Express Enclosure™

  • The EE-1X1P Express Enclosure™ is a family of Power Over Internet (POE) powered signage displays.  The ability of POE to supply both data connection and powering the unit greatly reduces installation costs.  Both 12" and 15" displays are supported.  A common application for EE1X1P signage is multi-conference room scheduling at hotels and large corporate facilities.  An

  • The EE-301 Express Enclosure™ is a floor standing, dual display kiosk that is designed to accomodate a wide range of computers, lcd displays, printers and other application specific kiosk peripherals.

  • The EE-312 Express Enclosure™  is Kiosk designed to be installed on retail store shelf or end cap.  This Kiosk design supports a variety of computer, LCD monitor and touch panel technologies.

    The EE-312 Can be cusomized to meet your branding requirements.

  • The EE-803 is a simple, very cost effective counter top kiosk or display unit.  The EE-803 can be easily modified to accomodate LCD monitors,  tablets or LCD picture frames.  There is ample space for adding branding or marketing message.  The unit easily stores the ac-dc power pack and excess cabling.  The unit can be hard mounted to shelf or table top.

  • The EE-82X Express Enclosure™  is family of industrial All-In-One platforms for signage applications.  The base EE-82X design was designed to accomodate a 21" LCD, mini-ITX or smaller form factor motherboard.  The EE-82X supports a wide range of mounting options and branding options.

  • The EE-846 predesigned Express Enclosure™ is a 46" LCD signage enclosure.  The EE-846 was designed to be an interior installed signage device.  The EE-846 can support a wide variety of video players/single board computers.  Multiple mounting options are available.

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