MotherBoard Ready™ Platforms

SySTIUM® MotherBoard Ready™  Platforms are available in a wide selection of form factors and multiple certification levels.

SySTIUM® has done the system engineering and system validation for specific motherboards, ensuring computers built using SySTIUM® MotherBoard Ready™  platforms are reliable in the field, will meet the current regulatory requirements for IT Equipment and can be manufactured by the integrator over an extended period of time. SySTIUM® works closely with market leading motherboard vendors to ensure our platforms complement the motherboard products being offered by these manufactures.

Integrating a SySTIUM® MotherBoard Ready™  Platform using a SySTIUM® Certified Motherboard

The system integrator is able to integrate and ship a system that has NRTL/C Safety, FCC and CE regulatory approvals. System integrators can offer regulatory approved products without having to incur the expense and engineering resources required to obtain the computer system certification listing on their own. SySTIUM® MotherBoard Ready™  products that are assembled according to the SySTIUM® Product Assembly Guide and the Maintaining Regulatory Compliance document included with each product will have system level certification.

Integrating a SySTIUM® MotherBoard Ready™  Platform using a SySTIUM® Validated Motherboard

Although the product will not include the regulatory labels the system integrator can be confident that SySTIUM® Validated Motherboard will work in the specific SySTIUM® MotherBoard Ready™  Platform because all the SySTIUM® system validation (thermal validation, configuration validation, packaging testing, etc.) that is the precursor to the agency regulatory testing has been completed. 

Integrating a SySTIUM® MotherBoard Ready™  Platform using a motherboard that is not SySTIUM® Certified or SySTIUM® Validated

Although SySTIUM® has not validated or certified the motherboard being used, the system integrator will be getting a high quality platform that has passed a variety of validations and certifications using a wide range of motherboards. The integrator can also be confident that packaging used with a SySTIUM® MotherBoard Ready™  Platform will safely support a fully integrated system. If you have motherboard that you want validated or certified in a SySTIUM® MotherBoard Ready™  Platform or if you have any questions regarding SySTIUM® MotherBoard Ready™  products please contact us.

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