Model 133i, mini-ITX, 220W

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Model 133i, mini-ITX, 220W

The SySTIUM® Model 133i is a low profile, mini-ITX platform optimized for graphic intensive, high performance mini-ITX motherboards. This platform is perfect for those systems needing more CPU horsepower and/or 1080p performance plus dual Hard Drives for Raid. Flexibility is key which is why the 133i wall mounting tabs integrated into the unit. We’ve made the design ultra cool with a best in class vent design to ensure the best CPU Cooling when used with our long life heatsink, 10312-25

Important Note: SySTIUM® heatsinks (10312-25) may be required to maintain regulatory compliance with many of the SySTIUM® Ceritified motherboards, please reference the Maintaining Regulatory Compliance documentation for the Model 133i


  • "M" Product Warranty applies if a SySTIUM® Certified motherboard is used and the system is integrated per the SySTIUM® Assembly and Maintaining Regulatory Compliance (MRC) documentation that ships with Product.
  • "C" Product Warranty applies if a different motherboard is used
  • “M” and “C” Product Warranties only cover the SySTIUM® supplied MotherBoard Ready Platform components.  Integrator/customer supplied components/peripherals used with SySTIUM® MotherBoard Ready Platform are not covered by the SySTIUM® warranty and are the responsibility of the integrator or customer.


The Model 133i is shipped to the integrator in a robust, reusable single pack package. This packaging has been drop tested and has been designed for shipping a fully integrated computer system via common carriers (UPS, FedEx, DHL, etc.) When ordering multiple units, these single packs can be shrink wrapped on a pallet, for shipping LTL to the integrator. This reduces shipping costs on a per unit basis and it also minimizes the wear and tear on the single pack exteriors. Replacement single pack components are available for sale.

Contact SySTIUM® for spare single pack components or if you have special packaging requirements, SySTIUM® can design custom packaging to meet your specific requirements.


Motherboard Support
Validated Motherboards: 

The following manufacturers motherboards have been validated in the Model 133i. As a service to our customer base we validate these motherboards on 4 criteria: Ease if integration, Thermals, Noise and board Performance. SySTIUM® can recommend the boards listed below for the Model 133i.

  • Intel DQ67EP, DH57JG, D525MW, D2700MUD

  • Advantech AIMB280

  • Aaeon EMB-A50M

  • Kontron KT690BGA, KTGM45

Certified Motherboards: 

SySTIUM® is in the process of certifying boards. If you have specific requirements or questions please contact Systium. Certifications are CSA/UL 60950-1, FCC Class B, CISPR22B and CE

  • Intel D525MW, DH57JG, DQ45EK, DQ67EP
  • Aaeon EMB-A50M
  • Emerson MITX-AOM-440-DVI2E
  • Zotac GF9300-G-E

If the motherboard you intend to use is not listed please contact SySTIUM®.